Everybody Knows

Tom’s Rating: 7/10; Lucy’s Rating: “Rating is hard without full knowledge of my previous scores.” Just a day after the slightly surreal experience of watching The Kindergarten Teacher, Asghar Farhadi’s Everybody Knows was a more straightforward affair.

The Kindergarten Teacher

Tom’s Rating: 6/10; Lucy’s Rating: “0.5 higher than Widows”. The Kindergarten Teacher is a slow-burn introspection of a struggling woman’s unhealthy obsession with the poems of five-year-old Jimmy . Maggie Gyllenhaal portrays Lisa Spinelli’s descent into an increasingly problematic relationship with her student is an uncomfortable watch.

Mary Queen of Scots

Tom’s Rating: 4/10 – Lucy’s Rating: 5/10. It’s taken me a while to get round to writing this (short) review, in part because Mary Queen of Scots was a fairly underwhelming affair.

Stan & Ollie

Tom’s Rating: 7/10 – Lucy’s Rating: “Not for me, I need to revise.” Charting the latter years of two of the greatest comedians ever to grace the big screen, Stan & Ollie is a polished and surprisingly emotional film.

The Favourite

Tom’s Rating: 8/10 – Lucy’s Rating: 8/10 – Group Average 7.25/10. Kicking off 2019, a group of us went to see The Favourite - an often dark but always crude comedy centred around two ladies competing for the favour of Olivia Coleman’s Queen Anne.


Tom’s Rating: 5/10 – Lucy’s Rating: 5/10 (+1 for any film including Rachel Weisz). Disobedience is the tale of an orthodox Jewish community in London. When an influential Rav dies, his banished daughter must return for the funeral rites.

The Grinch

Tom’s Rating: 7/10 – Lucy’s Rating: 10/10. Well, Lucy liked this one - a lot! It probably helped that we went to see it at midday, when the film did not have to compete with post-work fatigue.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Tom’s Rating: 5/10 – Lucy’s Rating: Zzz/10. Fortunately for the Warner Bros., I went to see Widows first, so the bar had been set pretty low by the time I settled in to watch the second Fantastic Beasts.


Tom’s Rating: 4/10 – Lucy’s Rating: 5/10. I had seen the trailer for Widows several times and, in all fairness, it looked decent. A modern take that saw the widows of criminals take up their dead husbands’ mantles.

A Star Is Born

Tom’s Rating: 9/10 – Lucy’s Rating: 8/10 (-1 for singing in the carpark). The natural comparison for A Star Is Born has to be the Queen biopic Lucy and I saw a fortnight ago.